The Park The Irish Blue Cross

....Anyway, I though we were just going for our usual Sunday outing.
We go somewhere different every week and it's good fun.
But yesterday!

Whoao, what's this....A million friends of mine I've never met before.
I had to bark 'hello' to all of them. One at a time. And twice to some of them.

I'm a busy dog, always on the go, hate to stand still.
When I get edgy then I tend to bark a lot. A lot.

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, I became impatient.
That's me. So I barked.

Let's go!

But it was wicked. We all went for a walk around the park together.
It was a lovely day. I saw some real stunners and some snooty mutts who
ignored me. So I barked.

We passed several ponds and I was parched so I sneaked off the trail for a drink.
The water was lovely. I really wanted to go for a swim but as I had just had a
bath that morning, hey, fat chance! Anyway, those white things with long necks
were on patrol. They don't like me. They think they own all the ponds and lakes.

When we all got back to where we started we had time to mix and mingle. Cool!
I got a certificate and some yummy munchies which I gorged on the cool grass.

We had to wait while the 'people' fun took place and I got fidgety. So I barked.
Then, the nice girls from Blue Cross started giving out prizes.
And you'll never guess what..
I was the Winner of the Best Bark.
Me?Well I'll be doggone.
I have to say I was really surprised but I seemed to be the only one.
A bag of goodies, frisbee, pens for them....couldn't wait to get home to tell the cat.

Slept like a log.

Hope you made lots of dosh.

Thanks to everyone at Blue Cross for a job well done.


'SKY' (Dempsey)